Tiger Spotlight: Tim Kim
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Friday, September 16, 2016
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Tim Kim brings a unique perspective to RHS

       Tim Kim is a one of a kind student and athlete. Kim is a senior at Ringgold High School, and he transferred to Ringgold his sophomore year from East Hamilton. He says that his favorite memory of his high school career was moving to Ringgold! Kim transferred from East Hamilton because he wanted to go to a Georgia college due to the scholarship opportunities. At the moment, Kim wants to go to either the University of Georgia or Kennesaw State University. Kim is planning on majoring in Aerospace Engineering.
         He is a player on the Ringgold High School tennis team, and he is one of the best. Kim either plays first or second singles on the team which means he is the only one on the court battling the opposing team’s first or second-best player. Kim says that his favorite part about playing tennis is how you have to make sure everything is in line and that challenge of getting everything together is what makes tennis fun. Also, he says that having friends that play with you and that enjoy the sport as much as you do is what makes it so enjoyable.  He has been playing tennis for four years now. He has not given much thought about playing tennis in college or playing professional tennis. Tim Kim is not only a great athlete; he also excels in the classroom. On the weekends, Kim plays in tennis tournaments to better himself and to challenge himself in tennis. Kim says that the secret to excelling on the court and in the classroom is all about, “setting priorities.” "The faster you get your priorities done, the easier you can balance your athletic time."
       Tim Kim is an all-around interesting person.  His parents moved here for Korea, and they said it was difficult at first because they had to learn the language and how to earn a living. He is very thankful for his parent’s decision to move to Ringgold, Georgia. His parents could have moved to anywhere in the United States, but they picked here because there is something special about our little town.


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