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Letter to Parents

Ringgold High School
Severe Winter Weather Emergency Protocols
Catoosa County Schools

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

The safety and welfare of our students and staff are our highest priority. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of our schools safety plan protocols concerning Severe Winter Weather as winter weather approaches. We believe keeping you informed of our plan and protocols concerning our efforts to respond to emergency situations created by severe weather will improve safety for everyone. Severe weather drills are conducted in the months of November and February. The information below is basic information that will provide a better understanding of school safety plans:

Winter Storms - Winter weather warnings are issued by the National Weather Service and these bulletins will be monitored by central office.
a. Schools have developed an early dismissal/delayed start procedure if required due to winter weather.
b. After school activities during early dismissal days could be cancelled.
c. Parents should keep contact information updated in Infinite Campus for text alerts. SchoolCast (RHS text alerts) pulls information from Infinite Campus. These alerts will be the primary means to communicate to parents about safety issues. Other forms of emergency communication will be: Local News Media, Website Postings.
d. Parents are encouraged to provide the school early release instructions for their children to be transported home in an emergency situation.
e. Parents of High School students will need to understand that in the event of snow and ice potential accumulations the car drivers will be dismissed as quickly as possible to get students home.

We hope this information has provided you with the understanding that schools have prepared for severe weather emergencies. Schools discuss and drill these severe weather protocols during the year to be prepared. The number one thing as a parent you can do to help us with severe weather is to be sure you have communicated with the school/teacher "how and where your child is to be transported" in the event of a winter weather storm/early dismissal.

If you have questions or concerns about these safety procedures please contact the school.

Safety is always first!


JR Jones