Dr. Lanford Joins RHS Administration

RHS Welcomes Dr. Lanford to Administration
Posted on 08/21/2019
Dr. Lanford

During the start of the 2019-2020 school year, Ringgold High School has had the privilege of bringing in a new assistant principal, Dr. William Lanford. Dr. Lanford is entering his 34th year in the educational field. He received his doctorate from Walden University and has since then taught at North Whitfield Middle School, Riverdale Middle School, Sonoraville East Middle School, Cartersville Middle School, Murray County Middle School, and Morris Innovative High School. In addition, Dr. Lanford, while living in Wisconsin, was the Principal at Three Lakes Elementary School and went on to be the Superintendent of that area. What Dr. Lanford admires most about being a part of the educational world is “being a leading force to the future for our children.” He firmly believes in teaching kids to be free, creative thinkers.

Dr. Lanford states that he is especially looking forward to having the opportunity to not only be of influence to the student body, but also the entire staff at RHS. It takes everyone (teachers, custodians, counselors, office staff, etc.)to make an excellent school, and he is excited to take on his role as one of the leaders. His biggest goal for our school is to bring to fruition the RHS mission statement: Respect, Honesty, and Service.

What Dr. Lanford believes is most unique about Ringgold High School is the sense of community he has observed and come to be a part of. He has never seen a school with such school pride shown by the students along with the entire community.

“It’s a very family-oriented environment,” he says, “and we’re all there for each other. Everyone wants what’s best for the kids.” Furthermore, Dr. Lanford is very impressed by the respect and vivacity shown by the students at Ringgold. 

If there is one thing Dr. Lanford wishes for everyone in the school to learn from him, it is that everybody has a story; everybody has a voice. Everybody’s story is significant, worthy of respect, and possesses the capability of impacting others. 

Contributed by Sydney Logan