Future Farmers of America

RHS Future Farmers of America Program
Posted on 11/12/2019
Coach Chuck Williams

Future Farmers of America is a program at Ringgold High School that was started in 1937. FFA  teaches personal leadership, growth, and agricultural basics, like where your food comes from. It is also a premier leadership group that teaches you skills to help you succeed in life.

Coach Williams says, “There is a different variety of students I get: sometimes I have students that just want to work, sometimes I have honors students, and sometimes athletes. It's just a variety.” FFA has consistently had around 125 to 140 students for about the past 10 years. Coach Williams believes that animals are what draws most students to the FFA program.

The FFA program teaches a variety of life lessons to all the students in the program. The students work on budgeting, learning where their food comes from, and growing the food we eat. They also learn social and leadership skills such as how to work together and how to interview for a job you want.

Coach Williams states that, “̈Being better is always just a practice that you should work on everyday; everything can always be better.” He tries to model this attitude by changing his lessons to make them better than the last time he taught them. Also, he says he is working to become more tech-savvy because, like everything else in society, agriculture is incorporating more technology these days. FFA will continue to be relevant in a technologically advanced world because we will always need food to eat.  This premier leadership organization teaches students life skills and offers RHS students a unique opportunity to get involved. 

Contributed by Kylee Culpepper