2023 August Student-Athletes of the Month

2023 August Student-Athletes of the Month
Posted on 08/29/2023
Brooke Baldwin, Bryce Hart, and Coach Shell

Student athletes of the month: August 2023

Each month, the coaching staff at Ringgold High School nominates student-athletes for monthly recognition. The faculty and staff then vote on which of the nominated students portray respect, honesty, and service in the classroom and on the field. For the month of August, Bryce Hart and Brooke Baldwin were selected as student-athletes of the month. 

Bryce Hart is a junior who is a member of the Varsity football team and the performing arts program. He said he always wanted to play football as a kid, and after two years of asking, he was finally able to convince his mom to let him play. “I immediately fell in love with it and from very early on I knew it was something I’d want to do for a really long time.” he says. Bryce joined chorus in 8th grade after making an agreement with his best friend, Brayden Roach. “I agreed to join chorus if he agreed to play football. I was hoping he would fall in love with football. Instead, I ended up developing a passion for theater and falling in love with the RHSPA community.”  Bryce says his favorite memories at RHS are Friday Night Lights and traveling for theater performances. “I love both my theater and football families, they balance me out and help me grow as an individual.” In the future, Bryce plans to play college football and go on to use his platform to bless and inspire others. When asked who has impacted him at RHS, Bryce said Mr. Lanphier and Mrs. Hall have reinforced his love for science and inspired him to try harder. “Mr. Lanphier is hilarious and relatable, and Mrs. Hall is an incredible teacher who is also a super genuine person.” 

Brooke Baldwin is also a junior, and she plays volleyball, basketball, and soccer. “At first I wanted to play these sports just to give me something to do and stay in shape, but now I love the friendships I have made throughout all of the sports.” Brooke’s favorite memory so far at Ringgold is when she scored her first goal playing soccer in her first season.  After high school, Brooke wants to go to medical school. “I want to go to Physician Assistant school, and eventually become a PA who specializes in dermatology.” Brooke says. When asked who had impacted her the most academically, she also spoke about Mr. Lanphier. “He has always been there to help me in every class, specifically science. I know I can ask him about any subject and anything in general. He is my favorite teacher at RHS!” 

Congratulations to Bryce and Brooke!