Important EOC and Final Exam Testing Information

Important EOC and Final Exam Testing Information:
If students do not have an EOC or a final exam, then their last day will be May 12th.  The only students required to be in the building on EOC and final exam days are students that are testing.  

EOC Testing Schedule:

Thursday, May 13th is American Literature part 1 

Friday, May 14th is American Literature parts 2 & 3

Monday, May 17th is Algebra 1

Tuesday, May 18th is US History and Biology

Wednesday, May 19th is EOC Make-ups

Testing will take place from 8:00 until 11:30 pm.

Teachers can assign tutoring/extra help time for students for the following sessions on EOC testing days:
Session 1 8:00-11:00
Session 2 12:00-3:00

Final Exam Day Schedule:
May 17th and 18th- Senior Final Exams
May 20th and 21st- 9th-11th Grade Final Exams

8:00-9:45   1st exam 

9:45-11:30          2nd exam 

11:35-12:05        Lunch 

12:05-3:19   Gym for the last two blocks

Buses will run on the normal schedule for all testing days.  However, students who drive or are car riders may sign themselves out of school with parent permission after completing their EOC exam or Final Exam. Lunch will be available for all students on all testing days. Please see the Final Exam Form and EOC Check-Out Permission Form for more information.