MCV4 Vaccine- Incoming 11th Graders

MCV4 Vaccine
Posted on 05/12/2021
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Dear Parents and Guardians,

According to the current state health guidelines, all incoming 11th grade students must have received one booster dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4), unless their initial dose was administered on or after their 16th birthday.  Our high schools are required to ensure compliance and are audited by the state.

Meningococcal disease is a serious bacterial illness that affects the brain and the spinal cord in the form of meningitis, and the blood stream in the form of septicemia.  It can cause shock, coma, and death within hours of the first symptom.

The current immunization form on file for your child does not document these and the school will require an updated GA 3231 immunization form before the first day of school.  Your child may not begin classes next year until the school has proof of the required immunizations.  

Many students have annual check-up exams scheduled for spring or summer.  If this is the case with your student, please share this information with your physician and ask for an updated GA 3231 form.  The form must be provided to the school before the first day of classes.

The Catoosa County Health Department and Tiger Care have worked closely with the school system to help us develop a plan for ensuring all students are vaccinated.  You may obtain immunizations in the following ways:

  • You may take your child to the Catoosa County Health Department for immunizations and an updated GA 3231 form.  Call 706-406-2000 to make an appointment.

  • You may take your child to the Tiger Care Clinic housed at Tiger Creek Elementary School, for immunizations and an updated GA 3231 form.  This clinic, open to all Catoosa County school students, is open 7:30-4:30 on all school days. 

  • Your primary care physician can administer immunizations and provide a GA 3231 form.

Please contact your school nurse or registrar if you have any questions about this new immunization requirement.

Kim Sendele, Registrar     [email protected]

Janice Williams, RN        [email protected]